Delaware Bio accelerates mutually beneficial relationships with the federal delegation in Washington, D.C., regularly communicating with Delaware's Senators and Congresswoman on the federal policy issues that relate to our industry.

Examples include:

  • Educating on the Value of Biomedical Innovation, which improves quality of life, limits costs to the healthcare system, and gives patients time to live fuller lives.
  • Encouraging a Nationwide Standard for Labeling of Foods, with genetically modified ingredients (GMOs), as an alternative to expensive and complex state-by-state laws.
  • The preservation of the current version of Medicare Parts B and D, which allow for lower costs for the Medicare program as well as better outcomes for the beneficiaries.
  • The continued funding of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which is important for groundbreaking medical research.
  • The continued funding of Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to quicken the approval process so life-saving treatments reach patients. The FDA also contributes to food safety.
  • Strengthening protection of corporate trade secrets and reforming the intellectual property (patent law) system, both of which are crucial to innovative discoveries – the lifeblood of our industry – reaching the marketplace.
  • Progress in the Renewable Fuel Standard, to ensure America’s path towards energy independence, is important to many companies in our state, as well as institutions conducting research like the University of Delaware and Delaware State University.